Here we are: Simon, Zoey, Billy& Kira

Welcom at our website!

Hear our music!:)

Hi people!

We have our band foundet about 1.year. We could play our intrments before, so we are not inexperienced,

Simon play drums, Kira E-guitarr, Billy E-Bass and I´m (Zoey)sing.

Our full names are Zoey Duchess, Kira Tommas, Simon Folchard and Simon Husband.

We´re from california,L.A. and want to become famous with our music, because of that we have provided our music in the internet.

Have fun! :)

We have named us TheMisterious because our music sounds a bit misterious.I hope you like it!

We go all to school in the self class, so we know us very good.

Kira and Simon are 16, I and Billy are 17 years old.  Music is our live, we all play music since ca.10 years. We practise three times per week in Simons garage, where is our own musicroom.

We play our misic at some little concerts, so we have a bit experience. Billy write our texts and Kira make the melodie. Simon is good with technic and I....I am the manager.

At our website you can found some information about us and our music.

We hope you like it!

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